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Poles Apart in These Online Wars

in: Inter Press Service English, English (15 februari 2012)

Many people are appalled by the anti-Polish website established recently by the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV). The site encourages complaints against migrant workers from Central and Eastern Europe, particularly from Poland. The Poles are hitting back with their own hotlines, and humour.

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Israeli and Palestinian peacemakers swim against the tide

in: Inter Press Service English, English (May 26, 2011)

Although politicians seem to have put the peace process on ice, there are many different groups in Israel and the Palestinian territories that still believe in reconciliation. They call on the world not to believe in stereotypes. "The minute you choose sides, you become part of the conflict."

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Overspeeding China Must Slow Down

in: Inter Press Service English, English (19 november 2010)

Rosy figures tempt China to postpone much-needed reform, says a renowned Chinese economist. "Much growth is non-productive, with enormous speculation widening the gap between rich and poor."

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'Food Empires Creating Agricultural Crisis'

in: Inter Press Service English, English (8 oktober 2010)

Forget speculators, forget biofuel farmers. The real cause behind the permanent food and agricultural crisis is the imperial food regime, squeezing money out of agriculture, a Dutch professor says.

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Latin American dispute goes to World Court

in: Inter Press Service English, English (19 december 2006)

Uruguay urged the International Court of Justice to force Argentina to take measures against environmental activists who block three access roads to Uruguay, where a controversial pulp mill factory is being constructed.

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Investeer in Overhoop
01 Januari 2019

Met onze woongemeenschap willen we het pand kopen waar we nu zitten. Om dat mogelijk te maken, verkopen we certificaten die we over tien jaar met rente terugkopen.

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Typisch Overvecht
24 Mei 2018

Volg ons en ons huis in de 12 afleveringen van Typisch Overvecht, uitgezonden door BNN/VARA.

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