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The secrets of Fortress Europe

in: Presseurop, English (October 4, 2012)

The EU is constantly looking to strengthen surveillance of its external borders, using increasingly expensive technologies. But are they effective? And in a democracy, who control the controller?

This article has been published in ten languages.

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'All of these people come here for philosophy?'

in: English - Filosofie magazine (October 2012)

Foreign philosophers often react with surprise: why is philosophy so popular in the Netherlands? Dutch philosophers write bestsellers, the “philosophical cafes” are full, and the Month of Philosophy is flourishing. Does it have something to do with the national character of the Dutch? And does this say anything about the quest for meaning in the Netherlands?

This article is discussed on Opinionator, the opionion blog of the New York Times.

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Going Dutch Means Staying Stuck

in: Inter Press Service English, English (3 juli 2012)

Many asylum seekers are being denied refugee status by the Dutch authorities, but cannot go back to their own country either. Forced removals are doing little to better the situation.

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Jesus and Muhammad about People, planet, profit

in: blog, English

Technical students won't get credits very often for attending a lecture about Jesus and Babylon System! Last week they did, in Eindhoven. Together with a muslim I explained the connection between my faith and PPP.

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Counting the Cost at 2,600 Litres of Water a T-Shirt

in: Inter Press Service English, English (March 24, 2012)

The share of organic cotton is increasing in an unstable cotton market, thanks to big European retailers like H&M and C&A who've jumped on the bandwagon of offering organic clothing at a low price. But whether this benefits the farmer is another matter.

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Interview met Kingsnorth
01 November 2019

Gisteren mocht ik schrijver en voormalig milieuactivist Paul Kingsnorth twee keer interviewen op het Crossing Border festival. Eén keer voor Trouw (binnenkort in de krant) en één keer op het podium.

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Felix en Sofie
14 Juni 2019

Beluister hier de podcast van een filosofische debatavond van Felix & Sofie over Baudrillard, hyperrealiteit en digitale wereld, waar ik aan meedeed.

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